World Lion Day August 10

About Panthera Leo

Lions mostly inhabit the lands of Africa and are known as African lions and the lions inhabiting the lands of India are known as Asiatic lions. Most of the population of lions are found in sub-Saharan Africa, but one small population of Asiatic lions exists in India’s Gir Forest. This species is considered as endangered, but still, in 2020 India reported a growth in their population by 29%.

These are the only species of cats that live in groups which are known as pride. Males defend the pride’s territory while females are the pride’s primary hunters. And to hunt a big mammal, they often work together. They often lead a happy family life.

Poetical Portrayal

Larger than life, smarter and rife,

These look majestic and sharper than a knife.

With golden sun-kissed body and a crown to match,

They seem lazy but your dreams they can snatch.


They prowl, they hunt, they growl, they grunt,

They leap, they sleep, they turn, they run.

In every action, there is life and that life sounds lyrical,

With every reaction, they appear mystical.


The female hunts, the male protects,

These big cats too have humanly reflex,

Funny! Isn’t it… That when the lioness grunts,

Even the great male… shunts.




Image Courtesy: Sherilyn Hawley

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