Why many end up hiring wrong candidates? “HR Tips”

“Most of us or probably all of us somewhere or the other compromise on our current job demands while we are searching for another job and are appearing for its interview. Most of us or probably all of us land into the soup when at the venue we realise that the time we thought of was actually less and we won’t make it to our next appointment. In the head, we all keep thinking ‘Dear HR, only if you would have told this before, I wouldn’t have risked my job for the one I haven’t gotten yet!’ But we never say it aloud as we fear to lose the interview.”

Sounds familiar?

Let’s jot down few points that no interviewee will tell you but would definitely appreciate:

1.Time, time, time! Duration information matters.

Let your candidate know beforehand about the length of the interview so that he/she can come prepared. Don’t scare him/her on the spot! Remember, he/she will be risking his/her job otherwise, in case he/she doesn’t get selected.

2. No perfect candidate!

Not all qualifications/experience you want can be summed up in one candidate. Choose the best you get and then train him/her. If you wish to avoid training expenditure, then probably you would end up losing your best candidate too.

3. Accept honest answers!

Dishonest answers can fetch job but it won’t help your organization! Pet answers available over the internet are most of the HR’s favorite and people blabbering them get a job but people with honest responses like, “I’d done this job previously but I was into another stream for some time, hence I was unable to do the questionnaire properly, but if you give me a chance, I can recapitulate, work harder and revive the skills.” and with strong qualifications are rejected time and again. Reason: Nobody wants to give them time! Instead, they end up hiring a low qualified professional at cheap rates.

4. Pay scale! A major factor.

Know your pay-scale when you are calling someone for an interview. If you can’t pay a good and fair scale to a deserving candidate, then, even if he/she joins for whatever reason, he/she will leave eventually.

5. Multiple activities in a profile don’t mean they aren’t good!

It means that they can handle a lot many things together and can work well under the pressure. There might be exceptions to the rule but a passionate worker can never sit idle, hence the result!

6. Read the resume beforehand!

A poor understanding of a person comes only when you don’t work on his/her resume before. Just because few words match your requirements, it still might not end up in a profitable mode. Check your requirements and tally the resume, if you have queries or need more information send an email asking for the same. Getting the candidate meet you first and then reading the resume in front of him/her doesn’t even give a valuable impression of the organization.

7. Don’t expect the candidate to answer what’s in your mind!

A simple example: You ask the candidate about alphabets of English and he/she responds with A, B, C, and D, while you were expecting all 26 letters doesn’t prove the candidate as a misfit. Because at the first place the question wasn’t that clear and secondly he/she did answer. A lot of factors like nervousness, work on a candidate at the time of the interview. Allow him/her the benefit of a doubt!


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