1. AUM Poetica: This wing of ours holds the hands of the artists in the literary field and help them grow along with providing them with a platform to showcase their skills. Thus in the process, we help in preserving the rich history, culture, and aesthetic qualities of the Indian and the world literature.
  2. AUM Agronica: We grew up on the land of mother nature and cultivating the food, clothes etc that we have used to live and survive for centuries. We are proud to associate with communities and help them grow organic food and reach out to the world that feeds families and ensures health.
  3. AUM Awareness: It’s our social responsibility to help grow mindfulness in the organisation and the society we live in. After all, what is better than a mindful living? We generously associate with the authentic ways of skilful living, contemplation practices, personality development etc. through this non-sectarian wing of ours.