Social Media Updates July 2018: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Find below the major highlights of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updates for the month of July 2018.

Facebook July 2018

  • New: Info & Ads Feature for Pages
  • New: Cross post to Instagram
  • New: Facebook Tests Augmented Reality Ads
  • New: Facebook Workplace for Good
  • New: Fundraising Tools
  • In Prototype: “Your Time on Facebook” Tool
  • In Testing: Tools to Make Facebook Less Intrusive
  • In Testing: Subscription Groups
  • 11 metrics removed from their Ads Reports:

*Actions, People Taking Action, Cost per Any Action

*Amount Spent Today

*Button Clicks

*Canvas Component Time Percentage

*Carousel Card

*Carousel Card

*Link Click Destination

*Mobile App Actions Conversion Value

*Page Mentions, Cost per Page Mention

*Page Tab Views, Cost per Page Tab View

*Positive Feedback, Negative Feedback

*Social Reach, Social Impressions, Social Clicks (All), Unique Social Clicks (All)

  • New: Announced that its ‘Watch Party’ communal video viewing option for groups is now available in all regions.

Instagram Updates July 2018

  • New: Instagram Topic Channels: These “channels” can appear at the top of the Explore section and will show users different categories of posts they can click to see.
  • New: Video Chat in Direct Messaging
  • New: Instagram Introduces Music to Stories
  • New: Question Stickers for Instagram Stories
  • New: Instagram Shares IGTV Creators Handbook
  • In Progress: Non-SMS Two-Step Verification
  • In Testing: Instagram Verified Badge (In-app form)
  • In Testing: The Ability to Remove Followers from Public Accounts

Twitter Updates July 2018

  • New: Measuring healthy conversation
  • New: A safer conversation for live video: The community can report and vote on chats they consider to be abusive, and group moderation determines if someone can continue chatting.
  • In Progress: The Data Transfer Project is an open source initiative aiming to empower any company to create tools that enable people to freely move their information across the web – without barriers.
  • Tip: Twitter doesn’t shadow-ban but ranks a profile based on tweets.

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