Persian Leopard and Hope on a Snowy day

About Persian Leopard

It is also known as the Caucasian leopard[1] and is an endangered species. The population is mainly concentrated in the geographical zones of CaucasusIranAfghanistan and Central Asia. It thus can be found mostly in Iran, followed by countries like Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, the Russian North Caucasus, Georgia, and Turkey, with a small population left in Pakistan. This big cat can thrive in distant mountainous regions, from dry and arid areas to dense, deciduous forest, and snowy mountain ranges. They are less nocturnal and loves spending a solitary life except for the mating season.

“Hope on a Snowy day”

He walked and he growled,

With every step, in his aesthetic, I drowned,

He leapt in the snow and stood tall and majestic,

I cried with joy as he looked ever calm and magnetic.


I looked around and nothing looked furthermore comprehensive,

By now, the heart had settled its battle and was no more apprehensive,

The sycamore had aroused and brought back the soul,

Taught a lesson of fearlessness and its role.


The faith in nature and life on a snowy day was restored,

Just by looking at this feisty creation, positivity roared,

As it walked and twisted its tail, as it looked around,

Even on the deadliest winter day, a ray of hope was found.


This leopard taught us wearily life’s magnum opus,

And rejected the idea of being hocus-pocus,

He led us to a visionary world and commanded for ‘the faith,’

Though life could be sometimes gloomy, still, it sends up the smoke of hope’s wraith.


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