“Consistency is found in that work whose whole and detail are suitable for the occasion. It arises from circumstance, custom, and nature.”


We have changed and with time our business has moulded itself as per the needs of our customers but our ethics remained the same as when it actually originated back in 2003. Running from an amateur to a customer-oriented firm, we stand strong on the grounds of ethics and service. With almost touching two decades of experience in customer service, ‘AUM Werko’ started as a ‘research and development’ firm that focused mainly on the content and marketing of products. After successfully completing 7 years by 2010, the firm got hit by the then-recession and it had to spread its wings to IT software and website development to survive.

Soon, by 2011, the firm had ventured into the fields of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and had successfully completed various tender based governmental projects in implementing GIS. With the service industry taking a front-seat in the organisation, we soon took over the digital marketing arena and education sector. We launched a training, research and development wing within our organisation and by 2015 we had placed many students in reputed Universities from our training and research wing.

By 2016, the founders had finished their higher education from Germany and were now well-trained to advance-up the technological side of the firm. Thus, speeding up the two sectors, the industrial and the technological respectively, by 2020 ‘AUM Werko’ stands firmly with its roots deeply embedded with happy and loyal clients. Also, along with establishing itself with a future-oriented approach, it strikes a balance by bringing in and supporting the farmers and the rural zones by uplifting the agricultural products and helping them reach out to the world. ‘AUM Agronica‘ thus had been launched in 2020 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, to endow the farmers and boost sustainable living through healthy, rich and organic agricultural products.

By 2020, amidst the huge pandemic, the founders realised the need for mindfulness and soft-skills training amidst the masses as death rates and negativity spiked up. Thus, under their ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ wing introduced ‘AUM Awareness.’ Previously in the year 2015, ‘AUM Werko’ had also taken up the initiative in helping the society preserve its culture of literature and poetry through the platform of ‘AUM Poetica.’ Thus, ‘AUM Werko’ actively takes part in preserving the beautiful literature of mankind and its promotion.