Natural Beauty of India-Unmatched


Nourished by God, cherished by man,

Where nature itself is its own big fan,

Where beauty gets increased by trees that are entwined,

India is where these all you can find!

Imagine, one day you are at the top of the world standing between the snow-clad mountains, the next day you are on a beach resting to shoo away your tensions, suddenly you are in a desert lost in your own thoughts and finding your way out, then you are on a bank of a river catching fishes and finally you reach a sanctuary alone and get scared with the roars of the royal tigers. Can you think of a place where all these can be found in one go?

In India, life, itself is a boon! The natural beauty and widespread religious beliefs have made heaven to transcend down to earth.

A country as large as almost the European continent and one of the world’s oldest civilisations, India has a history that is forever alive. Wherever you are and whichever corner you turn, you find its myriad portrayals like ancient Hindu temples, Stupas, Mauryan pillars, Mughal forts, colonial architecture etc. to name a few. Each century of this country is represented by its unique testaments, often standing incongruously close to the exotic remains of another era.

India is a country where the festivals never end, the colour, the warmth, the hospitality of cultures and traditions have remained the same throughout the ages. The varied dance forms and music are essential ingredients of the country’s society and whether with religious in-tone or cultural, but just being there and participating in the festivities guarantees memories that can be cherished forever in one’s mind.

It’s widespread culture and exotic remains have attracted people through ages from the world over and still is quite a fascinating zone for travellers, historians, scientists etc. who while returning remarks the country as a must-visit place..! Try out yourself!

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