Life FAQ check

1. How do you define life?

A tangential path traversed by every individual to understand the journey of themselves and their purpose.

2. What is love?

It’s that simple ingredient that runs the world and that changes the world, for good or bad. When love is objective, it objectifies the need and becomes negative. When love is subjective, it enhances creativity and turns positive. Though, both sides can be defended in different ways.

3. How do u handle your personal, professional and social life simultaneously?

I keep personal and social together by being slightly anti-social and more anti-drama and focus more on the well-being of the mind, body and soul. Professional automatically gets handled when you’re balanced.

4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of India?

Strength: Culture and History

Rich history, heritage and culture have been a significant strength of our country and binding with the forces, it has evolved the world in a lot significant manner.

Weakness: Culture and History

Not surprisingly, few aspects of the same culture and history like child marriage and other unacceptable traditions which still exist and persists still lure and provoke people towards an unhealthy environment.

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