Latest Facebook Updates in June 2018

Facebook is a pro and as we know it, it keeps on coming up with new updates every now and then. Here are a few updates from June 2018 that is about to change Facebook experience forever but in a beautiful manner. Quick highlights:

  1. Keywords snooze
  2. Taking off bad actors
  3. Fact checking program: Soon to be launched in India
  4. Introduces bidding for in-app ads
  5. Expands non-profit giving tools to more pages: To brand and public figure pages
  6. Launches ‘create’¬†button for desktop: Soon to be enforced
  7. Enforcement of custom audience targeting requirements
  8. Penalizing advertisers for bad user shopping experiences
  9. Experimentation for A/B page posts
  10. The launch of a central hub for memories
  11. Monetization of the marketplace, now also offers auto-play video ads in messenger
  12. Introduction of bidding for in-app ads
  13. Expansion of tools for non-profits
  14. Instagram style polling added to Facebook stories
  15. Testing new review scores and instant articles builder tool
  16. Copyrights declaration and actions enforcement
  17. Announces new community-centered video platform and management tools

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