Last Night’s Train Romance: A Thriller Short Story

It was way too hot today. Sitting alone in the 4 seat coup of the first AC coach in the train, Mr. Sharma thought “It would be very nice if no one ends up coming in this coup tonight but it would be amazing if only a beautiful lass turns up. Haven’t felt the taste of the biryani for a long time!”

Mr. Sharma was quite a romantic person. Being in his mid-40s, though his figurine had adjusted itself with a small potbelly but still, he was a strikingly tall-dark-handsome lad. His wife was an equal stunner but Mr. Sharma had never been able to let go his habit of hitting upon young beautiful girls and involving himself into various flings.

He was just thinking about a woman giving him company when the door of the coup was swung open and a beautiful girl walked in with a small purse and sat in front of him. He was instantly in awe of her even though she didn’t much care about his presence and was busy fiddling with her hair and her purse.

“She’s hot, really hot!” Mr. Sharma thought while looking onto her toned shining skin. He couldn’t take his eyes off her and his eyes were already on their way of scanning her. His eyes rapidly ran down through her black short dress and on its way up fixed themselves on her much revealing cleavage. “Oh! That mole!” Mr. Sharma thought!

“It’s beautiful, right!” she suddenly spoke without a warning.

“What?” Mr. Sharma was stunned.

“My cleavage!”

Mr. Sharma loved women who made the first move and this lass didn’t even bother to ask his name. She was damn straight!

“I wasn’t staring on that!”

“Oh c’mon, you were! I know. Even you’re quite hot haa…!”

Mr. Sharma was trying to control his excitement, but it wasn’t easy when suddenly the ticket checker knocked and opened the door. While the checker was about to leave the coup, Mr. Sharma asked, “Is anybody else on the list who’s going to join us in the coup?”

“No Sir!”

Mr. Sharma plunged towards him and by quickly pushing down a 500 rupees note in his pocket said, “Don’t even let anyone, Sir!”

He turned around after closing the door and looked at his fantasy tonight and asked “Your name?”

“Rhea! And you?”

“Call me Mr. Sharma. So, you don’t travel by flight?” he once again scanned her while sitting on the window seat and this time it were her legs that made him feel the adrenaline rush.

“Fuck her!” he thought.

It seemed like Rhea was almost reading his mind.

“Want to? Fine then, but let me make it a memorable one for you. So, let’s play a game. Let me test your IQ. I’ll ask 4 questions and for every correct answer to the first 3 I’ll come 2 steps near to you and for the 4th one, you can have my black dress and I’ll have your hands. Agreed?”

“Why not?” said Mr. Sharma fixing his eyes on her once again while she shifted herself near the door.

“So, how many times have you cheated on your wife?”

“What! What kind of a question is this?” thought Mr. Sharma and calmed himself stating, “Whatever! Who’s gonna know? Even she won’t know!”

“10 times.”

“Lie! I know how to read mind, Mr. Sharma. Never mind, I’ll accept your first mistake. So, let’s start it once again. How many times have you cheated on your wife Mr. Sharma?”

“101 not out.” And murmured to himself, “How the hell she knows?”

She came two steps closer as promised and whispered, “The second question! Why did you abort your wife’s first child?”

Mr. Sharma was shell shocked. Nobody except him knew this part of his life. Not even his wife!

“Because I was in love with another woman and the child could have costed me her.” Even though the question had left him puzzled, but he somewhere felt that she was harmless.

Rhea loved the shock in his eyes. Moving 2 steps closer to him, now she could smell his T-Tony perfume.

“It’s intense, isn’t it?” she opened her heels and removed her stockings as Mr. Sharma watched blankly not knowing how to react.

“Still want the game on?” Her little nod on her right side, naked legs and her petrifying questions made Mr. Sharma uncontrollable. He adjusted his sleeves and rolled them up and with a luring voice replied, “Bring it on!”

“That’s like my boy! So the third question Mr. Sharma! Why did you marry your wife?”

“That’s easy, shall I say for money?” he thought. But with another adrenaline rush, he said, “Because she saw me raping my secretary. She was the only one who knew and the only way to quieten her was to marry her.”

Now Rhea was sitting right adjacent to Mr. Sharma smiling and as she removed her extra accessories, she pulled her purse near her and turned towards Mr. Sharma and said, “Last one before the fun is on!”

“But Mr. Sharma, how about leaving the last question alone and feeling me now?” she looked into his eyes and as he dug deeper into her eyes, she pulled out a dagger from her purse and plunged over him only to find herself falling flat on his seat by passing right through him as he sat smiling there, right where he was!

Next morning, the news headlines read, “Another mysterious death of a young woman in the coach of first AC. No injuries found!”

Further, it read, “After the mysterious death of Mr. Harendra Sharma 6 months before…..”

(Photo credit: Sakeeb Sabakka – flickr)

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