Lake Oeschinen in Switzerland

Place: Lake Oeschinen

It lies 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) east of Kandersteg in the Oeschinen valley. A cable car usually called a ‘Gondola lift’ can be used to reach the lake from Kandersteg. It’s a famous spot for nature lovers, hikers, mountain bikers and leisure seekers.

Describable Feeling

A Trail Towards Salvation

I walked the trail down to the lake,

Passing by the beautiful landscape,

My blood gushed into the veins like never before,

The idea of getting lost overpowered, therefore.


Yeah! The skies there leaned over the water caressing it quietly,

I stood in amaze and watched the creation silently,

As I moved ahead, the trees embarked its presence,

The winds felt cold and gusty as well as pleasant.


I walked and walked, and then sat to rest,

That little bench at the centre is where I caught the nature at its best,

I looked around and couldn’t stop mushing over,

My heart already at this point became a gushing rover.


Over the skies, with the wind, to the mountains, it flew,

Touched the snow, kissed the breeze and bid it adieu,

On the way back, it stopped by to collect some drops of dew,

The memories it fetched, are going to stay it seems forever and new.


This place was not only a pure beauty but also a place which could make any nature lover travel to it again and again.

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