Jodhpur: The Sun City

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That’s what we chant in early morning, but Jodhpur,the city itself chants a melody, the melody of “victory”. The victory achieved by Rathores. The story goes back to before 1949 when Afghans drove out the martyrs out of Kanauji and they fled to the grounds of Pali (now near Jodhpur). Rao Jodha, the chief of the Rathoreclan established the hymn city of Jodhpur, the Sun City, the capital as it is well known.
Ohho! How to forget its magnificent culture? The city on verge of great hypnotizing stand alone sand dunes of Thar Desert has 8 gates to a 10 km long and taller than imaginative high walls. It has the accent of Marwari Hindi. The multi colored clothes fascinates the eye balls. A woman draped in huge gathering long skirts with a sleeved jacket is one of the traditional dresses that are followed throughout the Rajasthan. Next entry is of the marvelous range of ultimate jewelry. At times it may range from specific types of jewelry worn on the feet, head, forehead,ear, nose, neck, arms, wrist, fingers, waist, etc to anything that can be arranged to be worn. Gosh! The unbeatable is the huge turban on every head of a male member and theirs big pair of moustache. Lost? Don’t be.
Hey the people with great taste buds out there can have lot of fun. The yum-yum delicacies like Makhaniya Lassi, Mawa Kachori, Pyaaz Kachori,Hot & Spicy Mirchi bada and Panch kuta have their origination from here. When food is to be mentioned, then how can we take the pain of forgetting the sweets? Mave ki Kachori, Besan ki Chaaki, Maakhan Vade, etc. will water your mouth.
Jodhpur welcomes its visitors with a rich culture and stands as its own silent admirer, for its enchanting melodious beauty that has been preserved from ages and ages.The hot and dry climate ranges max temperature by 42˚C in summer to 32˚C in winters with a tit tat of annual rainfall, while min temperature ranges widelyfrom 37˚C to (hmm…) 15˚C. As much likely said, “Jodhpur has a history attached to Jodhpur itself”, we can find a numerous excursions that can turmoil the mind.
Ø Mandore
With lively Mandore Gardens, the Hall of Heroes, The Shrine and The Royal Cenotaphs, Mandore was the capital for Rathores earlier.
Ø BalsammandPalace
Sandstone build on, facing the enormous lake, also has the magnetizing effect of greens.
Ø Guda Bishnoi
The big animal and plant lovers ever existed, the Bishnoi’s.
Ø Jaswant Sagar Dam
Maharaja Jaswant Singh constructed, for irrigation purposes.
Ø MachiyaSafari Park
Safari includes deer, desert fox,monitor lizard, blue bulls, rabbits, wild cats, mongoose, monkeys, etc. with an exclusive bird watching point.
Ø Pali
Name after residing of the Paliwal Brahmins.
Ø Sojat City
Sojat city of Jodhpur, banked on the left bank of the Sukri River was earlier known as Tamravati. It also has a fort to work as a reservoir.
Ø Nimaj
It has the temple dedicated to almighty Durga.
Ø Nagaur City
The focal attraction is the medium sized Ahhichatragarh Fort and the Nagaur fair.

With a numerous fairs like Nagaur fair, the city has its own way. The Marwar and the International Desert Kite festival (recent) are also very famous in and around India.

Goodness gracious! In all what we forgot to discuss was the graceful monuments standing erect from their time to ours.
Ø The Mehrangarh Fort
Situated on a150 m high hill was founded by Rao Jodha in 1459. 5 km away from the city with a circular road leading to the entry of the Mehrangarh Fort with seven gates that needs to be crossed to enter. One of the fort’s palaces, The Moti Mahal,has the Sringar Chowki, the royal throne.
Ø The JaswantThada
. It is awhite marble memorial standing left to the Mehrangarh fort, built in memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II.
Ø The UmaidBhawan Palace
This Bhawan iscarved out of sandstone, called Chittar sandstone, representing a fine example of Indo-Saracen architecture.
Ø The Rai kaBaag Palace
The queen of Maharaja Jaswant Singh-I, Hadiji, built this palace, near the Rai ka Bagh railway station.

Where monuments give the presence of enormous architectural skills, on the other hand the gardens proves to be the beautiful relaxing sight seeing for all. The enchanting of birds, the color draped flowers; the smell confirms the authenticity of the place.

Ø Mandore Garden
Ø Umed Garden
Ø Nehru Park

Groove the garden for relaxing and turn to lakes to let it soothe you with or without your consent.
Ø Balsammand Lake (1 km)
Ø Kaylana Lake (84 km)
Ø Sardar Samand Lake (Specialty: migratory birds… WOW!!})

However, the centers of attraction are the museums in Jodhpur which are engraved with the beauty of Jodhpur all at once for its visitors.
1. Government Museum
2. Umaid Bhavan Palace Museum
3. Mehrangarh Fort Museum

Ahh!! What we cannot miss is the every time favorite of girls, guessed right, “The shopping”. The popular items of Jodhpur, Rajasthan are:
Bandhini cloth material
Mathaniya’s Red Chilies
Nonetheless,there are ample of visiting spots which you may visit, but the question here is how? Jodhpur welcomes with open hands through mediums like:
Ø By Air: Regular flight services connect the city with other major cities.
Ø By Train: Jodhpur is well connected by railway lines.The ‘Palace on Wheels’ also visits this city of royal splendor in its own royal chariot with its own royalty.
Ø By Road: When you have the flavor of sight seeing, try the well connected medium, “The roads”, of course by bus,taxi or driving self. Choice is yours.

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