How To Motivate Yourself To Be Happy?

Motivation is a combination of enthusiasm and clear perception which enables us to accomplish a task or overcome a challenge. It is the desire to be continually interested and committed to a task or to attain a goal or cross a difficult situation. Additionally, our thoughts really do colour our perceptions and affect our motivation levels in many ways. Hence, check:

What thoughts are serving you today? Which thoughts are weighing you down? Clear your mind, fill your heart with love & focus on what is important & what is of value NOW. Let past be past.

Remember and visualize:

“I am an Angel. I am light and pure. I radiate happiness and love to everyone. My every thought empowers others, every word is a blessing, every action is an inspiration. I am God’s angel. He uses me to give his purity and powers to all.”

Create these thoughts and visualise them at least three times every morning, once every hour and these should be the last thoughts before sleeping. Finally, it will take only a few days to experience the transition.

Increase the level of your self-respect

Every reaction to any situation is a reflection of one’s own self-respect. When there is a high degree of self-respect, to that extent there is a positive response to even to the most negative¬†situations. If there is low self-respect, even the smallest situation brings forth a strong negative reaction. This reaction only makes matters worse.

Furthermore, past wounds hurt and linger because we continue to relive them. Realize that it is you who is hurting you. Suppressing hurt does not work and dumping your feelings on others also does not work. Getting stuck with hurt and moping around feeling sorry for yourself does not work as well. What works is letting it go! Hence, do not re-live it. Let the hurt go. If you need to communicate and clear things up or reflect to gain insight from the hurt, then it is worth doing so. After some time the hurt will subside and positivity will resurface.

Have a beautiful day!

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