Happy Teacher’s Day: The Teacher Like Tathagata

Happy Teacher’s Day 2020

Good teachers uplift you and guide you to their best possibility. They’re not only the idols and people who illuminate your lives, but they are those people who encourage you to choose the right path and guide you towards your best. From the day we are born to the day we breathe our last, at every step we find guidance and support. The world of ours gets created, structured and enlightened with the help of such people, whom we call teachers. Not only the ones we come across in schools and universities but teachers are also there everywhere and in every form, provided we are ready to learn and accept.

The Teacher like Tathagata

The sun and the moon, the stars and the sky,

The entire Universe answers when someone asks why,

The light that might just be there, but still couldn’t be found,

That’s when a teacher appears to help you count.


The knowledge that is there but the path to it remains unknown,

A teacher advances in to clear the path of difficulties so outgrown,

To achieve the goal, when the creative mind lacks patience,

A teacher appears to channelize and to create a perfect balance.


Every life aspect, one follows and obeys the knowledgeful,

Like the Tathagata who through his teachings made one’s life meaningful,

Everyone on the right path can show someone the light,

Mark their presence and make someone’s future bright.


A teacher indeed is the one who can show your reflection,

The truest of all like the Tathagata help you in contemplation,

Wisest of all enlighten you to choose your own path, and follow,

Kindest of all uplifts your spirit and helps to conquer the sorrow.



PC: Karin Henseler

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