Happy International Dog Day 2020


International Dog Day is celebrated every year on the 26th of August. It’s to mark the presence of these beautiful creatures in our lives and to celebrate all kinds of dogs, mixed or pure breeds. This day is also celebrated to encourage people to rescue more and more dogs across the world and help them. These little furry friends are our heroes, are our soulmates and above all, they’re just purity wrapped in an animal body.

Collen Paige who’s an animal advocate and a pet and animal lifestyle expert is the one because of which this day has been carved into our calendars. It marks the day she adopted her first family dog, Sheltie. Thus, this day found a way to other hearts across the globe and even got its place into the legislation of New York.

Poetical Portrayal
“Indeed a Man’s Best Friend”


Mixed or pure, short or tall,

These little cuddles of joy have the hearts of all,

They are our little angels who guard us through,

They love, they hug, they are souls so true.


Life without a furry bundle,

Is a life that might just grumble,

They are indeed a man’s best friend,

A friend in need till life’s end.


Not a day or two is enough to love and care,

A word or two to explain their presence is not enough to share,

They are pure love, purest of all,

And all they need is you and that is all!


P.S. This picture is of none other than my own dog “Oscar” who with his presence has made our lives beautiful and amazing. A day without him is completely unimaginable. He is that bundle of joy who just came as a blessing into our lives and showered stars upon us. Live long, buddy! We love you!

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