Germany… Myth-1: You need CONSULTANCY!!!

Did someone tell you to go to a “Study-Abroad Consultancy” for pursuing your studies in GERMANY? We won’t question their approach but allow us to mention some “Myths and Facts”, as Germany strongly believes in self-development and the Government henceforth works towards making an individual “self-dependent”.

Myth-1: Consultancies are needed.

Fact: “NO”

There are many consultancies which have their sign-boards taking you to Germany for studying abroad and we don’t question their caliber. Truly, that works…!!! But why to spend a huge whopping sum when you can do it yourself and that too for free. There are agencies taking an amount ranging from Rs.20,000 to Rs.1,50,000 or even more and students often agree to pay the same in for the sake of an investment towards their future. Believe it, “IT’S NOT NEEDED”. Students aren’t aware of the actual scenario and hence fall prey to them. Sad!!!

We have seen many students coming to Germany and realizing that the amount paid was not worth it because it doesn’t cost much to get into a reputed University and hence could have been avoided.

So “What To Do?” 

  • Check website of “DAAD” for details on various Universities of your choice and apply.
  • Need help for writing “Letter of Recommendation(LOR) or Statement of Purpose(SOP)”? Please use Google to check out examples, then zero down on few and write your own. Be aware, that Universities sometimes reject very flowery write-ups, as they understand that the student did not write it on his/her own. That proves the negligent behavior of the applicant to them. BEWARE!!!
  • Have queries: Ask on various groups over social-media platform like Facebook ( Indians in Germany group), etc. People would be really glad to help.
  • Check University websites and trust it!!! 90% of the queries get answered. If “Deutsch/German” is a problem, use “Google Chrome”, it easily lets you translate the language into English with a right click.
  • Do not allow anyone to decide your fate! Choose the right course, look for qualification criteria, and if you fit in then simply APPLY!!! Germany is very strict over its qualification criteria. If you qualify, you are in…!!!
  • Learn this rule: In Germany, you have to do things on your own. So start from your application process.
  • Visa Application: Ahh!!! Do this too on your own at “VFS-Germany“. If you need help over visa interview, search Google, you will get lot of tips. Example: German student visa interview questions and answers (easily found over Internet, visit link for details).
  • For finding accommodation, check University website again. Not only hostels but some partner companies will also be listed, where you can apply in case hostel seats are full.

Being “Independent”, is the key to success. Remember that.

For next “Myths and Facts”, keep watching this space.

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