Facebook Promotion Strategies: Tips and Ideas

“Understanding the Need”

  1. Facebook works on an algorithm.
  2. It reduces reach so that we use more paid/promoted content. Ex. Reach is 7.7k as compared to 1.4M followers for few channels.
How to..?
  • For Facebook:
  1. Use of tabs: Photos, deals, offers and events etc.
  2. Use of hashtags.
  3. Respond to online reviews.
  4. Share customer-generated content. Ex. Pieology Pizzeria
  5. Ask questions, create polls and invite over events.
  6. Daily updates based on time zones: Effective time of followers by seeing the graph and analytics report.
  7. Real interactions via live video. (It creates alerts.)
  8. Include back-links.
  9. Use more photo captions.
  10. Use photo quotes about food. Sarcastic ones are more welcomed.
  11. Tag, tag, tag..!
  12. Use social tone, fewer words, short videos and quick tips.
  13. Include did you know facts!
  14. Share ‘behind the scenes’ scenes.
  15. Mention influencers
  16. Add business’ relevant keywords with a reasonably high density within your Page Information.
  17. Use FB dedicated video service.
  18. Use sponsored messenger ads.
Paid promotion:
  1. Geo-target location wise. Too many locations reduce proper reach.
  2. Target audience: Dwell into food lovers, share with other pages of the same type. If there’s high competition for your target market, reaching them will be more expensive.
  3. Relevance Score: Calculated based on positive and negative feedback which Facebook expects the ad to receive. Ads receive a relevance score between one and 10 and are updated throughout the ad’s duration.
  4. Holidays: Ads cost more around the holidays and more.
  5. Design:
    Colour: Reds, oranges, greens, browns – these are colours you don’t see very often on the Facebook newsfeed. Their contrast will grab the eye.
    Don’t vary from what Facebook recommends: 1200 x 628 px and with less than 20% of the image covered by text.
    A relevant CTA button: Tell people what to do.
    Grab the eye with Text: Words like “Free,” “Now,” “Today,” and “Now” grab the eye. So do dollar signs and percentage signs.
Advanced Targeting:
  1. Custom audience and their lookalikes. Modify after a week!
  2. Website Custom Audiences (WCA)
  3. Use: Facebook Sweepstakes Contest, referral contest and photo contest (Ask viewers to upload photos/videos of what they have made and share that.)

Finally: Post, repost, re-repost! Updates are important!

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