Dresden Frauenkirche, Saxony, Germany

About Dresden

Dresden is the capital city of the German state of Saxony and after Leipzig, it is the second-most populous city. The history of this city is pretty old as it has staged homes for many Electors and Kings of Saxony. This city proudly showcases a rich culture and artistic splendour. Once upon a time, this city was by the personal union the family seat of Polish monarchs. This city was also once known as ‘The Jewel Box.’

About Frauenkirche Dresden (Church of Our Lady)

The Frauenkirche is a Lutheran Church. The reconstruction of this church was made to symbolize it for peace and reconciliation. This church hides so many stories within itself and portrays a rich heritage of the city. It stands right in the heart of the old city centre.

Poetical Portrayal

At last, those clouds found a way,

Covering even the last gleaming sunshine ray,

The Kirche stood amidst the bustling crowd,

Showered love and peace on each passerby, as it had vowed.


Spreading love even on the gloomiest day,

Is what a brave must do and thus carve its own way,

The lesson well taught  by the architecture and passed upon,

Amidst the clouds, as it is gonna stand forever and on.






PC: Frank Meitzke

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