Democracy is alive and well in India..!

Hasn’t India resolved itself into a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic and republic country? Pull back yourself and ask thyself that haven’t justice, liberty, equality and fraternity had been¬†given to each one of us on our motherland. Justice might have been delayed but not denied! The basic fact is that our government is made by us. We’ve voted and elected them and thus no doubt that we are very well aware that democracy in our country is by the people, of the people and simply for the people. Simply demolishing the fact which sometimes also conquers the front page of our daily newspaper about the democracy stating it weak, we must also look onto the fact that it is one of the best democracies of the world.

There are people in our beloved country who with all their might and non-convincing activities do pull down the image of our gentle democracy but the celebrations on “Republic Day the 26th January” every year reminds us politely about our privileges and responsibilities. We have been striving towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activities constantly so that it rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievement day-by-day.

Working towards our own goal and bettering ourselves as individuals can collectively result in the positive growth of our nation..! Striving towards this can make us better and our country the best!


#HappyRepublic Day


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