Advertisements: Leading or a misleading concept?


Are we aware of the ever-increasing advertisements that create false needs amongst the masses?

An advertisement as mentioned earlier do not sow truth sometimes but only those good points which might not be real but sumptuously fake. For example, the companies producing hair gel only shows about their good effects after application but do not make people aware of the fact that their hair might grow grey or it might even cause baldness.

The public starts aping the advertisements blindly and this blind faith created amongst the public at times also increases the economic expenses of the family without any need. These advertisements create a desire for those products even when there is no particular need as they set the latest benchmark for the ongoing trends and thus become misleading in a manner.

Media personalities, stars, cricketers etc. sometimes do get out of their way to endorse a product and masses do get affected by them because of the love they have for them and thus the products endorsed by them get more hyped, creating a buzz in the market and sometimes misleading the buyer’s choice.

With such a strategy, sometimes the smaller in-house companies suffer as they can not afford such a big breakthrough with the marketing of their products and thus gets overpowered by the giant companies. If the giant companies hail from outside of the country, then definitely that effects even the economic development of the country adversely.

Hence, advertisements do create a false need and must be made limited for the betterment of the society. It is always better to look before we leap and buy a product.

PC:Department of Consumer Affairs


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